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O' Brien Electrical and Communications: Your Residential and Commercial Electrician in New South Wales

July 29, 2015


Today, the electrical and communication needs of both residential and commercial customers are more complex than in past years thanks to all the advancements in technology. Customers require a full range of solutions from wiring for inside lighting to cabling for the Internet and telephones. Electricians must fulfil the demand for these services today to keep up with the modern technological requirements in both homes and businesses.

Current Residential Needs for Electrical and Communication Services

Houses require inside wiring that provides electricity to 240V power points and 415V outlets. In addition, light fixtures such as ceiling and wall units will require power along with switches for control. As security is a large concern today, homeowners often request exterior wiring for special lighting to ensure their safety. At times, outdoor lighting also is just to highlight certain landscape features or to heighten the enjoyment of the resident's pool area. Switchboard and metering installations are other necessary requirements in both new constructions and present homes. Circuit breakers, safety switches and enclosures are some of the elements that fit in this category. Electricians also need to repair and install submains and mains that connect to the point of attachment to enable street connections. These are most of house's electrical needs, but others may exist for homeowners.

Communication cabling is another necessity for homes today. Homeowners require it for the telephone, the Internet and the television services along with such features as intercom systems, security systems that could include CCTV cameras and surround sound systems as part of a home theatre setup. Cabling needs can include category 5e or 6 data cables, or RG6 cables.

Present Commercial Requirements for Electrical and Communication Services

Commercial services will include much of the same services as in the residential category, but in a more complex setup most of the time. Electricians also often realize the need for a major upgrade to the wiring or cabling to meet the modern standards of today's services. Companies require reliability in order to conduct business daily without lengthy interruptions in their electrical or communication services.

The Reasons to Select Our Company

When you are in the area of New South Wales, turn to O'Brien Electrical and Communications for all the above wiring and cabling needs along with other services in your residential or commercial structure. We offer services for installation, improvements, repairs and troubleshooting. Troubleshooting often detects problems in the cabling or wiring that call for repair or replacement to keep all elements operational on an optimum level. Our company has serviced customers for over twenty years, so we bring all this expertise with us on every task we perform for customers.

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