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What You Need to Know about Commercial Preventative Maintenance Programs with O'Brien Electrical and Communications

May 20, 2015


The implementation of a comprehensive preventative maintenance program can deliver big savings when it's managed by a knowledgeable professional. In the case of a commercial establishment, O'Brien Electrical and Communications recommends one of our own planned maintenance programs to intelligently seek out the electrical irregularities hiding within your business before they become problematic. For example, all electrical equipment has the potential to breakdown unexpectedly, but many of these components are simply designed with a built-in lifespan, meaning they become exhausted over time. That's just the nature of the electrical beast. Light bulbs, as one common example, only last for a certain amount of running hours. If you keep a shop lighting on all day long, expect the light bulbs to grow weary and start failing.

In keeping the above facts in mind, it just makes sense to enforce a preventive maintenance strategy, a series of planned visits from an electrical contractor. The O'Brien method is in keeping with standard electrical maintenance procedures. We dispatch a service person to inspect and test electrical circuitry. The results are recorded and recommendations are made based on those results. The concept is a little like receiving a check-up from a doctor, in that it evaluates the 'health' of your electrical framework. Recommendations are influenced by general wear-and-tear and many other variables that only a trained electrician can decipher. These variables include but are not limited to the following:

  • Expected lifespan of the electrical part (light bulbs and fluorescent lighting)
  • Importance of the part in the hierarchy of the system (Avoids critical down time)
  • Safety considerations. This involves the testing of circuit breakers and grounding systems
  • Nature of the business. If the business handles perishable food, a power failure could cost the facility everything as the food spoils

As you can see, a scheduled preventive maintenance plan has much to offer. We say scheduled because some systems need to be checked every week or month while others can be left for months or an entire year. Remember, this action is designed to remedy unexpected breakdowns. It effectively spots problems before they can develop into major issues. If that last statement isn't clear enough, imagine the case of the food storage facility, a business that absolutely depends on constant cooling energy. A preventive maintenance visit may spot a failing backup generator or a cable that's been damaged. The company in question is informed of the damage, the fault is recorded in the maintenance records, and a partial system shut down is arranged after the frozen food has been relocated to another freezer. That's the power of this program, the ability to detect problems before they cause expensive losses.

It's worth noting at this point that the installation and subsequent commissioning of a commercial electrical project is not the end of the work. Ask the contractor about the guardianship of the equipment. Remember, nothing lasts forever but you can be prepared for electrical issues by instigating a defensive maintenance program.

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