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Professional Residential Electrical Contractors in New South Wales

March 25, 2015


Homes are built to promote intimate environments, to reflect the personality of the occupants. It's the surface appearance that counts in this space, with function relegated to second place. Imagine a simple light switch, the ultimate functional component in electrical engineering. This small panel is typically assigned one task, that of turning a light on and off again. In the home, that purpose is elegantly extended. The switch is accented with an interesting design to ensure it fits in with the decor of the home. It could have additional functions, perhaps a dimming control, and be made of less rugged materials than an equivalent industrial switch. There's no need for industrial toughness in the home, even when you're the parent of a fussy and destructive toddler.

This is a fine example of how home electrical installations differ from other types of electrical work, from industrial and commercial projects. Thus, an expert residential electrical contractor in New South Wales adopts a contrasting approach when dealing with these jobs. Combine this approach with the fact that suburban developments are rapidly spreading across Sydney, and we feel that electrical contractors must be extremely well versed when entering a home. There's homes popping up across Canada Bay and out toward the edges of Parramatta River, with more developments expected to break ground throughout Inner Sydney. We haven't even covered the rest of New South Wales, so expect residential electrical skills to be tested for many years to come.

The method applied to the home entails different skills, a refocusing on exterior aspects. For instance, cables are to be run behind walls and through the constructed voids that are designed to keep untidy plumbing and electrical runs out of sight. Walls and floors must be restored, and the condition of the home should generally be left in the same state as when the contractor arrived. Load requirements are also consequently different in this situation. The residential load requirements and distribution of electrical current in the home adopt a single phase output, not the three phase multi-conductor system used in larger buildings.

This small-scale working model recognizes the uses and users of the residential electrical system, meaning we know adults, kids and animals are in the home. Nothing is more important than family, which is why safety is the key consideration when a professional residential electrical contractor sets to work in any of the thousands of homes in New South Wales. Finally, budgetary concerns are that much more important here. We create affordable installation and repair programs at O'Brien Electrical, placing our traditional power outlet and lighting services at the disposal of each client. More than this, classifying ourselves as electrical contractors with the wits to keep up with the times, we integrate network services, wireless CCTV, and solar installations into our work services, always staying within compliance of AS3000/2007 and other relevant regulations.

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