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The Importance of Electrical and Data Communications Upgrade in Technology

July 14, 2015


Every electrician has at least one horror story, a single disconcerting account of how modern technology clashed with an antiquated system. There was the time when a modern data centre was incorporated within a state-of-the-art structure, only to discover the power system was supplied by an ancient electrical distribution board. Imagine the situation, a superior arrangement of labelled circuit breakers and surge protectors, all powered by ancient conduits and a fuse board full of thick fuses that, hopefully, blow when a fault occurs.

This level of technology discrepancy is encountered all the time in electrical engineering. Older systems had no energy-saving components, no provisions for data communications, and safety concerns were laughably accounted for by bare-bones solutions. This latter matter is particularly upsetting when considering the fragility of life. And then there's the notion of today's electronic equipment, data collecting gear that's sensitive to the slightest transient spike. What chance would this equipment stand against such aging installations? An electrical agency is thus contractually and morally bound to point out these issues. More than this, safety regulations ensure the project must incorporate safety-centric features.

Now that we've dutifully illustrated the safety considerations that regulate the meeting of old electrical systems and new technology, let's direct our attention further afield, to data communications upgrades and other electrical assets. We live in a world where communications technology dominates everything we do and every act we perform. Data is king in maintaining company profits and office versatility, and there's an order to how these systems work. Remember, information technology connects commercial and industrial complexes to data highways. Then, data/telephony systems from leading vendors manage the digital assets, and, finally, a data-savvy electrical company ties these disparate elements together by installing the data centre. Assets include the following:

  • A broadband connection
  • Specialist knowledge in the installation of physical mediums. Includes fibre optics and Cat 6 cables
  • Audio/Video installation and configuration
  • New home automation protocols
  • Video conference systems
  • Internet cameras and online security surveillance assets

Technology is changing how we interact with everything. A capable electrical agency can upgrade an old POTs/POS telephony system and deliver the latest VOIP (voice over Internet) option, a system that delivers affordable voice calls on an international platform. The technology also adds video and video conferencing features. Additionally, upgrade beyond the expense of T1 broadband to affordable high speed Internet, and inject the power of fibre-optic technology into a productivity cycle. Ask an installer about call centre software and eliminate antiquated call switching software at the office. And, for the home, consider energy-conserving appliances that integrate new smart automation features, or add the flexibility of a home security system with Internet connectivity, a versatility factor that places security management on a smartphone.

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